Hässelby Loppet

Been running my first official 10 km race last Sunday. It ended up pretty good I guess with a time of 46:02 even though I was aiming for under 45, but I was running with pain in both my feet from this accident. Cant seem to get rid of that pain. Maybe all this running isnt the best thing for sore feet….

I had an amazing time in first 5 km ( amazing for that is  😀 ) of 21.50 but after that i hit the wall and had problems dragging myself over the finish line.

Now waiting for the last race of the season a 10 km cross-country (through forest and water and snow) called the Bull Run. Since I have never ran anything like that I will be just happy to finish without more injuries 🙂

On the kitesurfing front not much happening still waiting for my board which should have been here by now but its stuck in some fucking storage I guess …. so pissed…. and its been snowing twice already here in Stockholm so not really sure how much more kitesurfing sessions there will be this season. Well there is still snowkiteing season ahead….


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