Is the distance i ran this Saturday!

1:45:49 is the time for it!

15 minutes off the expected time of 1:59:59.

First time ever I ran 21 kilometres so I was quite nervous if all will be good. I was really close not to run the Stockholm marathon at all since I missed the time to pick up numbers and chip for an hour and a half :-D.

It started really good and i did first 5 km in 0.23.35 so was the second 5 km 0.24.43. Thats when I realised i could actually make the 1:45 total time since I passed the pacemaker for that time in the second kilometre and he was nowhere in sight. For the first 10 kilometres I was passing almost everyone in front of me, and the only problem I had was that I was in desperate need to take a piss :-D.
Eventually I had to stop on 12th kilometre, and that cost me another 1 minute in the 5 kilometre time which dropped to 0.25.33.

In the 16th kilometre the first big crisis started. First the 1:45 pacemaker passed me, and there was no way fro me to follow him. But on the 19th kilometre I realised i could still make 1:45 i was almost sprinting the last 2 kilometres and barely make it in 1:45 margin. And yeah even though there was a crisis in the last 5 kilometres the time wasnt that bad 0.26.13.

Seeing the finish line was one of the happiest moments ever, knowing this is all behind me now.

I finished 2 643rd out of 8 282 runners.

And I did realise that I have really sensitive nipples :-D.


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