Perfect surfing trip to Algarve, Portugal

Just got back from what I can only say was a perfect surfing related trip from Algarve, Portugal.

First day was really depressing with wind prediction of less then 5 knts for the whole trip 🙁 . So we went out and partied all night and enjoying cheap wine and beer (must love alcohol prices in Portugal, specially coming from Sweden ).

So second day everybody was pretty much hangover, but towards end of the day we still managed to do a really nice SUP session in the waves after couple of  guys at local surf shop in Lagos have recommended it … so thank  you Stand Up Portugal

Day 2 …. still no wind so we booked a surfing session with Jesus ( no really that was our guides name 😀 ). And enjoyed every bit of it …

And on day 3 the wind finally came 😀 and a really good one as well … picked up around 12:00 from 12 knts to 18 knts at around 15:00 and with high tide coming the nice little lagoon was getting bigger by the minute … and offered a really nice down-winder at the end of the day

28 – 30 temperatures through the whole trip plus warm enough water you could swim in for half an hour or so …. so Portugal in May is definitely seeing me again !

Tired after all the action and cheap drinks we had to go home on day five and were actually able to sleep over 3 sits on a half empty Ryanair flight 😀


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