Kitesurfing Vietnam

In November 2011 we packed our bags and kites and boards (all 80 kilos of them) and started our 4 month kitesurfing trip in Vietnam. Stockholm -> Istanbul-> Saigon->Mui Ne. After 19 hours on the plane we only had 5 hours bus ride to Mui Ne. The kitesurfing meka in south east Asia.

First look of the place was amazing. Palm trees, huge sandy beach, good wind, and everything was super cheap. But after you stay for a longer time and see under the surface you realize that the sand on the beach is dirty as hell (full of human shit among other stuff) and the water even worse. You see dead piglets, dogs, ducks, … and other creatures floating around all the time. The wind is super gusty. And even though everything is super cheap you cant really enjoy it since they will bring you wrong food and drinks most of the time.

If you can get pass that you can start enyojing your stay in Mui Ne or Vietnam in general.


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