Kitesurfing in Prasonisi Rhodes

Just came back from one of the best kiting spots in Europe. The island of Rhodes and its famous Prasonisi beach.


With flat water and offshore conditions on the left side and waves and on shore conditions on the right side gives something for everyone. The wind was great and was able to kite every single day of 2 week vacation. The wind was very stable and pretty strong so my kite of choice 80% of the time was 8 m Gin URU. The wind direction and strength was great for skim board action in the morning and surfboard in the afternoon.


And after a hard day of riding there was nothing better suited and need than ice cold Mythos beer in the Canten 😀

Kitesurfing in Prasonisi is great and the spot is one of the best spots I ve visited in Europe. But it is also very much dislocated from any other town on the island so dont expect a huge party crowd in the evening. More like some local crew of Polish windsurf and kitesurf instructors. Polish and Russian are representing 75% of the visitors there. The only negative about the spot is that it gets super crowded at times with beginners standing with their kites in the middle of the bay blocking everyone. This can easily be avoided with either a sunrise or sunset session.


1 day we went to the north of the island to Fanes. Kitesurfing is definitely more “organised” on this side of the island with many kite centers which collect 10 Euros fee for using their beach and facilities.


Although there are kite centres you cant miss the chaos on the beach and complete collapse of the system with instructors and students all over the place. It is a bit less crowded than Prasonisi beach but mostly due to side on shore wind direction which means that beginners are being blown down wind and out of the way.

In the morning the conditions were very light and had to go out on my 12 with no waves and heavy chop in the water. Luckily the local restaurant had amazing food and super cold beer to keep us busy until the stronger afternoon winds kicked in. The wind picked up heavily and I wished I had my 6 m kite with me, but completely depowered 8m was ok still.

Again the chaos kicked in and you could see beginners in the water on 12m kites out of control.

The side on shore conditions and strong wind that made some really nice waves made it a perfect afternoon and I actually started to like the spot 😀

Fanes waves


Fanes kitesurfing in waves

Overall i would say Rhodes is definitely the place to go to with its amazing wind conditions, endless sandy beaches, amazing food and cold beer!


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