Kitesurfing trip to Boa Vista, Cape Verde

It’s been 2 weeks now since I got tired of this years super long Swedish winter and packed my stuff and was off to Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Coming from -10 degrees C in Stockholm to 32 degrees C in Boa Vista airport was awesome.

First view of Boa Vista

Boa Vista

After 7 and a half hours of flight I was really eager to get to my all inclusive hotel and start with free beers, wine and coctails. And of course a well deserved rest in the amazing location.

Relaxing in a pool

All relaxed and feeling the effects of open bar and with wind report looking good for the next 8 days I just couldnt wait for the morning to go out to the water after 4 long months of winter.

The next morning was finally there and I could just skip breakfast and run straight to pumping my kite and get wet … It was 34 degrees C 20 knts wind and just perfect conditions. After a while I had to rent a 9 m2 kite (Wainman Hawaii Smoke), from the local center since I currently have a 1 kite quiver (Ocean Rodeo Rise 12m) and was getting overpowered a lot. Had lots of fun on a 9, until one the the bladders just exploded in mid air. But at least I know now what my next buy will be … yes a 8 or 9 m2 kite since they are so sweet to fly with and great turning and just so much nicer to fly with then a 12 m2 kite (which is not bad at all, but still …)

Walking to the kitesurfing spot.

Pumping the kite in Boa Vista

Finnaly ready

Finally I was ready to go into the water ….

Part 2 of Boa Vista trip ….


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  1. daniel says:

    nice time on boavista..
    it was really good conditions 🙂


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