Kitsurfing lessons for kids

When I got my first kid for student, I was a bit worried. He was 12 and weighing around 35 kilos. Smallest kite we had was 6m Cabrinha Crossbow and wind was 15 knots. Deep water conditions with beach break. Flying on land went really smooth as the student was following all instructions and performing every exercise with extreme precision.

Moving into the water was a bit more of a challenge since the beach breaks were bigger than the student. But you grab the student with one hand and fly the kite with the other and you are in business. All and all teaching kids was far easier then teaching most of the adults, since they are doing everything exactly as you tell them. Sure its easy for them to loose focus, so you just need to keep them busy and entertained all the time. That means short repetitions of each exercise. And switch them around. But once you get them hooked there is no going back.


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