Finally my first kitesurfing session after the course. I met up with Björn to borrow the equipment around 17:15, and just when I got there the wind dropped and everyone was out of the water. I was super upset since I was really looking forward to the kitesurfing. But Björn told me to suit up and the wind will be back and he was right.

As soon as I got into my new Ascan Polar 5/4/3 wetsuit (which I was really satisfied with, super warm and water leaks) the wind was back. I rigged up the kite and was ready to ride. I was nervous in the beginning since there was like 15 other kitesurfers on the spot and this being my first solo attempt didn’t really help.

But as soon as i got the kite up in the air all the nervousness was gone. I had a couple of really nice runs. And with some feedback from Björn I was able to start riding upwind and almost returning to the spot I was starting from. And the feeling of riding with other kiters its amazing.

And mental note to myself….try not to fall hard on the 15 cm deep water, because your legs my hurt the next day 🙂


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  1. Björn says:

    Ha ha…yeah, don´t do tricks or faceplant on very shallow water. Nice session!

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