How to water start strapless

Riding strapless looks like a lot of fun both in the waves and also in the flat water. And it doesn’t just look like that it also feel like fun too! For me having a nice flat water session with my skim board or smaller waves with my surfboard is bringing all the joy and fun back, and specially the surfing into the kitesurfing. I feel much more joy from learning a new strapless trick and if its only a kick flip with my skim board or a 180 with a surfboard, then plowing back and forth with the TT and going big. My knees and my lower back are also much happier after a long session of strapless.

But first thing is first and we will start with water starts!

Here are a few of tips on water starting on strapless skim/surf board.

– Train first in the shallow flat water
– Use grip pads. If you use wax make sure it’s properly waxed, because too little wax might be slippery in the beginning
– Make sure your feet are not to close together. Have a wide stance on the board
– Your heels need to be on the edge closer to you, so the board is tilted towards you. Whole foot needs to be one the board, not just the heels.
– Pull the bar just slightly in so you have a little bit of power and you move downwind which will make the board glue to your feet
– Keep your knees bent like on TT
– Don’t dive the kite as hard as you may during the water start with a twin tip
– Have fun!!

Next time – riding upwind…


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