How to start with strapless kitesurfing

Ever since I started with kitesurfing I wanted to go strapless. First I bought a skim board more then 1 year ago but I did what everyone does, I was just using it when the conditions were too bad for my twin tip. It took a while but it finally hit me, how can you learn to ride strapless if you only practice now and then and even then its bad conditions. So when I booked my 4 month trip to Vietnam one of my goals was to get on with strapless riding. But then again I got there and twin tip was out every day. Until I cut my foot in a place that i couldn’t put in the straps anymore. Which proved to be a kick in the but I needed! From then on (4 months now) I haven’t been back on my twin tip. After 3 weeks on my skim board I bought a used 6’2″ surfboard. First thing I did was remove the straps and went out.

So here I was thinking putting writing my learning process from the first strapless water starts, to the jumps and riding bigger and bigger waves. Both on my skim board and surfboard. Next time I will start with water starts and riding upwind.


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