Beginners course completed!

After months of waiting it finally happened. Me and my friend Dennis (a.k.a. K-Fat) decided to take KiteSurfing course in Gotland. Best 3 days ever spent.

Starting with a 2,5 m2 training kite in 30 knots wind and then moving on to 9 m2 Best kite with wind even picking up in strenght. For first time kiters we had problems holding on to a kite in the neutral zone, not even thinking of moving it to power zone since with such strong with there seemed there are only neutral and power zone and one big wind window. But stubborn as we are we actually managed to get some body dragging done.

Next morning waking up at 6 and being in water at 7 in the morning wasnt really the nicest thing that could hit hit us, but it was all worth it with nice 15-20 knots gusty wind, and semi sunny day. So we rigged the 12 m2 kite and off we were. After some more body dragging our instructor Björn from finally said the magic words lets get the boards. And with good instructions it didn’t take long to get out of the water and do first meters on the Chubby (that’s how the board was called). The runs became longer and longer and more and more fun.

After spending 11 hours in pretty cold Swedish waters dropped dead to beds.

Last day wasnt so hard on the waking up since we got up around 8, fixed some food for the day and left for last day of kiting. After checking a new spot where we were turned down by some bird watchers we finally picked a nice spot with nice shallow waters. The wind wasn’t as strong as the days before since it was around 10-15 knots. But we still managed to get some good runs. Learned to get out of the water and on to the board in both directions. Tried to do some turns. And really got the feeling of the kite.

Overall was really awesome and I will post the images as soon as I get them from my camera.

I know I am hooked and cant wait until the next time I get to the water, no matter how cold it is (being in Sweden and all)…

Locations: Gotland -> Klinthamn, Kovik,…

Equipment used :

Kites:  Training kite Ozone IMP 2,5 m2, BEST Guroo 12 m2, BEST Guroo 9m2
Board:  BEST Chubby 140 x 45 cm
Wetsuit:  Prolimit 4/3
Harness:  BEST


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