Designed by legendary rider Dimitri Maramenides, this is the ultimate weapon for big jumps, hang time, and unhooked moves. If you’re interested in jumping higher, riding faster and escalating every level of your kite surfing experience, then the Screamer is what you want to ride. This is the kite for those that will accept nothing less than excellence in all categories. The experienced rider will enjoy the top end competition ready performance the Screamer gives, while the intermediate notices the fast re-launch and effortless turning that makes kiting easier for them. Thus making the 2010 Screamer the “ALL ACCESS” kite for any scene. From racing to hang time to unbelievable pop and incredible turning speed, this kite delivers. Whether your goal is to win competitions or just take your riding to the next level, the Screamer is the kite you have been looking for.

Screamer statsScreamer windrange

Screamer color scheme

Price for 9m2 complete kite with bar/lines, leash and pump is 12.990 SEK.

Price for 12m2 complete kite with bar/lines, leash and pump is 13.990 SEK.

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