The kite everyone will be talking about is a new freestyle/wave kite put into one. The Renegade kite combines the best of both worlds. The turn of the kite increases in power throughout the arc by pivoting off of the wing tip. This makes for powered kite loops unlike anything on the market. You need a kite that helps you find this nirvana, one that takes you to a new level and pushes the limits of what is possible for waves, wake style, and powered moves. With 100% depower and incredible stability the Renegade leads in all categories of riding. Smooth lively and responsive steering makes it the ideal kite for surfing and a blast to ride in any condition.

Renegade stats

Price for 9m2 complete kite with bar/lines, leash and pump is 11.990 SEK.

Price for 12m2 complete kite with bar/lines, leash and pump is 12.990 SEK.

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