Epic Kites 3G

Introducing EPIC KITES 3G – (3rd Generation)

Our 2012 gear line is exciting, inventive and has an updated approach. We are looking at kite development a little differently, and the results are truly exciting. Epic is turning 3! And to celebrate, we’re coming out with a line of third generation kites (3G). We see no value to the rider in using a model number or year on kites. We make the best gear, and sometimes we’re so excited we bring it out as soon as possible without regard to what other companies are doing. Like the Renegade 13 meter limited edition for example. We couldn’t keep it all to ourselves, so it was released early. On the other hand, sometimes our ideas take a little more time to refine, like the new Judge C kite which is just now being introduced mid-season. All of our kites have new concepts applied and a very fresh, unique look. As a matter of fact, the graphics on our kites are pretty awesome.


The 3G Renegades have new sizes, so now there is one for every rider need. We’ll be producing them in 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 sizes as well as the popular light wind Infinity. The Renegade “INFINITY” proved to be our best seller, and will be back as a V2 to complete the Renegade line. The Infinity set the benchmark for powered kiting in light wind conditions. The 3G Renegades have a sleek new look, a more powerful profile, is even more stable and eats gusts like fatties at a free buffet. If you want a kite that is more reliable and predictable than ever, the Renegade is the tool for you. Packed with power and precision this kite delivers in waves, freeride and any other condition you can throw at it. Bottom line — this kite is best in class!


You wanna talk sick graphics package? Check out the 3G Screamer. We’ve been keeping our designers busy, but the payoff is the best looking kite in the sky. The 3G Screamer is the evolution of the 2011 LTD kite. We’ve used creative strut design and tricked it out to be even more powerful and a little less fussy. The 3G Screamers are like a day at the rodeo… once those gates open – BOOM – it’s a fun, wild and exhilarating ride that you go home and brag to your friends about. We’re talking balls to the wall hang time, to the moon height and enough stoke to last a lifetime. If you want to see what we’re thinking for our 4G line, check out the 3G Screamer LTD 10 meter and take in some of the new features.


And as if that’s not enough, we eagerly welcome our new C kite, the Judge to the Epic family of kites. The Judge is a true C kite with the benefits of modern relaunch and safety. Wakestyle riders will love the smooth, constant pull, light bar pressure and explosive pop. Wave riders looking for a new school feel will enjoy responsive turning speed, insanely easy unhooked riding and drift.

3G “REEF surfboards”

Two new surf shapes round out our board line for this fall – the REEF (5′ 7″ ATV and 5′ 11″). Our kitesurfboards are light and built tough. The REEF 5′ 7″ is a board suited for fun in all conditions. We call it the All Terrain Vehicle of surfboards for a reason. Now instead of riding the couch in less than ideal conditions, you can be out riding! With lighter winds and mushy waves, this board is right at home. The Reef 5′ 11″ is a longer, gunnier ride and will have you slaying those monster waves in no time. Both boards are speedy and responsive enabling rider confidence and really adding to the fun factor. These amazing boards look to be an essential part of every surf riders quiver. We made 50 of them as our first production and have pre-sold more then 1/2 of them already.


We’re thrilled to bring these new concepts to your door. Don’t buy another kite, twin tip or surf board until you try our current line of gear. We’ve got the best tools for any job you can throw at us and this is why we created the concept for our ‘warning’ ads in the magazines. You’re wasting your money until you give an EPIC product a test drive.

Call us for a demo 0760 259591 – Uros or email: contact@kitezup.com


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