Having fun in Malta on Gin kites

Some unexpected winds in the off season means good fun on my skim board and Gin kites. Gin kites are one of the best I tried so far specially to use with my skim board and surf board (so like 90 % of the time) 😀

Kitesurfing in Prasonisi Rhodes

Field report from kitesurfing trip to Prasonisi Rhodes. Read all about the condtions and the 2 best spots in Rhodes.

Strapless transitions

When you start riding strapless and discover there is a whole new world of kitesurfing there you have 2 main issues to challenge. Riding upwind and transitions. Here we will focus on transitions.

Selling Gin Kites and Naish Global 6″2

Finally the time has come to say goodbye to my old quiver and look into new gear …. So all my kites are on sale now for very good prices.

How to ride the wave by Ben Wilson Surf

Came across this great booklet from BWS where he explains everything you need to know about kitesurfing.